AI in our school - a dystopian nightmare or a bright future?
An article about whether or not using artificial intelligence in schools to raise grades is a good idea.
Art Direction By Linda Taylor 
A male contraceptive gel is in the works but gender equality in sexual healthcare is a slippery slope
An article about how there needs to be a bigger variety of male contraceptive to balance out the burden of sexual health between genders. 
Art Direction By Linda Taylor 
Eating Disorders: 'We have created a society of people who are unable to eat normally'
An article about how the NHS are changing the regulations on how to process people with eating disorders but are not upping the funding to put the new regulations in place. 
Art Direction By Linda Taylor 
The lies we tell on dating apps show we haven’t really changed at all
An article about a new crime romance novel about the dangers of online dating.
Art Direction By Linda Taylor 

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